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Retail Closed Circuit TV these days is a must. Protecting what you work so hard for has never had more meaning, with profit margins cut, running costs up, the last thing you need is theft from customers, or worse, staff.


You might think it's a fact of life nowadays? True, it is.

But that doesn't mean we can't fight back right?


For shops and stores of all sizes there are measures you can take.

CCTV is credited with reducing this sort of crime and a digital CCTV system can quickly pay for itself. Our digital recorders can even be linked to your till system** to see whether what your member of staff is serving is what the customer is paying for, especially useful for pubs and clubs!


Because CCTV has been around for so long now, many shops  have a system of some sort. If you have an old tape system we can upgrade to a DVR to reduce running costs and yet improve quality. Don't be fooled though, a DVR is not just a DVR. We've worked long and hard finding the best performers at the best prices click here to see our choices.


So, in summary shops and stores can benifit from the installation of a camera system although they must make sure it complies with current data protection laws. To have a free check up plus recieve advice on your current system please either call the office or email here



                                                                                                                            **Till compatibility required




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