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Intelligent Motion Tracking

 We are often found in Andover or Salisbury or even Portsmouth. CCTV is not just for the business user either with many DVRs now focused at the domestic or home market. We have many happy customers in Andover & Winchester, Portsmouth and even our home city of Southampton. CCTV can be a silent partner in your fight against crime with the cctv system going un-noticed until you need it. CCTV is now truely discrete. Choose Barratt Systems for peace of mind and top quality

cctv hampshire southampton. commercial systems. Broadband cctv, view cctv over the internet through your broadband connection! shop cctv a speciality, data protection friendly systems. Motion tracking from IOI image and Bosch Security UK

Barratt Systems uses IOI image and Hikvision for motion tracking. Watch the demonstration video here to see how effective it can be.


With intrusion detection and PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) tracking, a single PTZ camera provides wide-area coverage by independently detecting on preset scenes while they are being viewed. If an intruder is detected during the in-sequence viewing of a preset, the PTZ automatically zooms in and maintains constant visual of the moving intruder.


The included PTZ synchronization hand-off feature provides more than a simple jump-to-preset; it translates one camera’s scene to the other allowing the PTZ camera to acquire a specific object

location from among multiple objects wherever it is. Thus, the object doesn’t need to be in the location

of a predefined preset nor does the tracking require the directive assistance of a second camera or triangulating sensors.


A crucial solution to the immanent

problem of intruders moving out

of stationary surveillance views,

PTZ tracking is not reliant on the

security personnel being at the

security console when the alarm

is triggered. Automatically initiated

on alarm event, it independently

tracks and visually relays a

moving target's location rather

than security responding blindly

to the first detected





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