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They say that "Seeing is believing" but that "You won't believe you eyes" so who can you trust?


At Barratt Systems we have chosen a range of Digital Video Recorders that we feel out perform may of their contempories.


Why are we only looking at the best performers? It seems like an obvious answer doesn't it? but with so many brands in the CCTV market place, it's difficult to know where to start. That's why weve spent the last 5 years searching for the best of the best. You can be forgiven for thinking that these are the most expensive units, but we've picked a mix for different applications and therefore costs too.


Hikvision's TVi HD recorder can record 720P at 25 frames per second or full 1080P at 12.5 frames accross its 4/8 or 16 camera inputs.

It also has the ability of seeing up to 2 IP cameras.

Eneo DLR 5 : Very efficient H264 recording with storage of up to

9 TerraBytes. 4, 8 or 16 camera inputs with USB or DVD back up and

mouse control. Up to 100 pictures per second recording. HDMi/VGA output

IDIS TVi HD recorder. Arguably the best of its kind available today, Giving  incredible performance and outstanding reliability. Click here to see some test footage at a road junction.

Bosch Divar XF: The ultimate recorder? Bosch has incorporated H.264 compression technology into the Divar XF’s advanced design. This technology allows Divar XF to deliver outstanding, high resolution images while reducing storage costs by as much as 30 percent. IP cameras can also be be utilised with this outstanding unit.

CCTV recorders. these units record on to a computer hard drive or hard drives. Storage can be anything up to a year. You decide how long you need your dvr to store images for and we'll do the rest. CCTV digital recorders can also back up to CD or DVD or even USB memory stick. Be cafeful though, you must have the correct data protection procedures in place. Barratt systems can give you advice on this if required. Call now on 01794 517014 to replace your old VCR video cassette recorder.


DVR 4 channel.

8 channel DVR.

9 channel DVR such as the Samsung SVR.

16 channel such as the Eneo DLR DTR and DXR and Samsung SVR.

32 channel Samsung SVR.




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