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Automatic Number Plate Recognition

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cctv, southampton, romsey, andover.  CCTV often refered to as Close Circuit Television and not its correct term of closed circuit television or TV is now a major force in fighting crime. However, new statistics say that over 80% of installations are not fit for the purpose which they were intended. This leads us to believe that when choosing cctv, you should choose a highly professional installer such as Barratt Systems. We cover the main cities in Hampshire such as Southampton, Winchester, Andover and Portsmouth, and Cities such as Salisbury. Southampton is our nearest city, however that doesn't mean that it is our only area of coverage. We are often found in Andover or Salisbury or even Portsmouth. CCTV is not just for the business user either with many DVRs now focused at the domestic or home market. CCTV can be a  partner in your fight against crime with the system going un-noticed until you need it. CCTV is now truely discrete. Choose Barratt Systems for peace of mind and a quality CCTV system for security and peace of mind. IP cctv systems no availabe to rent.

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Barratt Systems uses only Videofit ANPR products, their recognition engine took 3 years to develop and offers unrivalled recognition accuracy of 98-99%. These figures can be verified by anyone using the RealWorld anpr test discs.


Videofit employs the first full-motion anpr recognition engine and offers new levels of accuracy and functionality. For the first time it is now possible to capture images of drivers with repeatable consistency and without a separate video recorder. This is achieved by new ANPR-M technology that allows a recognition and up to 3 associated overview cameras to capture short movies at the moment of recognition.


Using a well-positioned, wide dynamic range colour camera, Videofit will provide good occupant images under most lighting conditions without compromising recognition accuracy.


Above is a typical sequence showing anpr-m in action (right). The plate is detected in the first frame and, with most anpr systems, only the first or second image would be available to review. Videofit, however, continues recording to obtain images of the front seat occupants.


Obtaining good images of the driver and front seat passenger is subject to many factors. The camera needs to be well positioned with respect to the local light sources (including the sun) and will need a polarising filter to reduce windscreen glare. Best results are obtained during the day, when the weather is good and when the camera is positioned over the roadway.


Each camera can be set to record movies of up to 21 frames, of which 10 may be pre-event images. For even greater control the rate of capture can also be reduced which is particularly useful for slow moving traffic at site entrances and car park barriers.



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Lease option - £0 deposit / 5 years / non maintained (other plans available)

Complete system similar to the one to the left from just £25 a week*